Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Night with Director Michael Schultz!

Whose Life is This???!!!

Sometimes I truly ask myself..."Whose Life is this??"..Seriously!!!

On Wednesday Feb. 23, 2011, I was invited to the DGA for a Tribute to Director Michael Schultz by the African American Steering Committee. 

First thing I thought.."What the Heck am I gonna wear?" Sorry, but that's the truth...I Gotta Be Fabulous!! then I thought..

Wow!! Director Michael Schultz, I can't wait to hear what he is going to say and how he is going to say it!  Can't wait to see who is gonna be there and everything!!  

Director Michael Schultz & Me
As a Casting Director in Hollywood, I am always intrigued by meeting the people whose shoulders I stand on and learn how they got there..It just fascinates me!! Mr. Schultz was No disappointment in that area.  

First, we were addressed by Director Oz Scott (AASC Co-Chair), who introduced Director Taylor Hackford (DGA Pres.) with comments on and about Mr. Schultz,  remarks by A.D. Van Hayden (AASC Co-Chair). Then...the lights dimmed and we watched a Montage of his work edited beautifully by a dear friend Abdul Malik Abbott.  AMAZING!! 

Charles Schultz: A founding member of the Negro Ensemble in NYC. Nominated for a Tony Award for directing "Does the Devil Wear a Necktie" starring Al Pacino  (who won a Tony for Best Supporting Actor). Director of Car Wash, Greased Lighting, Cooley High, Which Way Is Up? Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Last Dragon, Carbon Copy, Bustin' Loose, Krush Groove and the list of TV projects goes on!!

Director Robert Townsend & Me
The lights came up and Carl Weathers (AASC Co-Chair) introduced the Special Guest Speakers. One by one they appeared to say/tell sweet, kind, funny words, comments and anecdotes about the time they spent with Mr. Schultz.  The audience was riveted. We laughed, shook our heads, covered out mouths, agreed and smiled to one another as we listened. The special guests included: Franklin Ajaye, Stan Lathan, Richard Benjamin, Bill Cobbs, Garrett Morris, Clifton Powell, Robert Townsend, Glynn Turman, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Ernest Dickerson, George Segal, Tim Story, Bill Duke, Loretta Devine, Kimberely Elise, Margaret Avery and the list goes on!

With all of the fabulosity going on (and Directors in the House..George Tillman, Julie Dash, Neema Barnett were there too) the question I asked my brother was.."Where were all the Actors?? 

My actors friends, acquaintances and so on.. Those of you who are up and coming.... working actors, TV and Film and such, where were you?? From what I am to understand..You were invited.  

Do you guys know about the African American Steering Committee?? If not, then learn more about it. You would enjoy their events!!


Know whose shoulders you stand on!! Learn about them and their careers. Hold their accomplishments, failures, achievements and passions in your mind and use them for inspiration, motivation and healing when you need it! Use their experiences to push through your own adversity and know that it CAN be done!! Whatever you are going through, they went through it first and you are Standing on Strong, Broad, Beautiful Black Shoulders!

Congratulations Mr. Schultz, on your Tribute!! I Salute you!! THANK YOU!

What a Wonderful Evening for the African American Steering Committee! I had a BLAST!!
"Mr. Schultz, You are Amazing, I can't wait to work for you one day!!" says Twinkie


Anonymous said...

Ms Byrd:

*** ARE ****


Grace and Peace In-Deeds!

MaxTap said...

Sounds like it was a blast. i wish i knew about it. Thanx for the recap. I dig the outfit.