Sunday, April 20, 2014


Speaking to Anger & Frustration

Lately I've come across some ANGER & FRUSTRATION about this Industry and this Business. As many of your know, I cast Feature Films, TV,  Biopics and short films. I also attend, Workshops to give audition technique, instruction and witness up coming talent. I truly enjoy attending workshops! They are Educational, inspirational and informative for me and all who attend. I enjoy my work as well. 

From time to time, I have come across Anger and Frustration and lately its been MAJOR!  Whoa!!

So somebody tell me what is going on?  

Firstly, I met a man in one of my workshops who was Angry from the Moment it Started.. I asked the group of 24 or so "What Do You Want?" he yelled out.. I Want My Shot!! I replied.. "You've got your shot! You are in the room with a Casting Director! This IS your shot.  His Anger and Frustration was palpable. Next up the scenes. He was First and while in the scene, his Anger/Frustration prevailed, so much so, the scene was ineffective due to the lack of emotional availability. His inability to showcase his objective and therefore, access his substitutional circumstance lead to a Loud Angry Scene that evoked NO FEELING other than those of Confusion and Fear.

Secondly, I have come across a number of VERY Angry emails with regards to Auditioning for certain roles. One young lady started off with Adoration of my work, her Love of God and how she was BORN to play this particular Role.. When I did not comply with her wishes of granting her an Audition.. She became Quite ANGRY!! Cursing and Vowing that I will not stop her in her endeavors. Whew... and Thank God. I Don't want that kind of Emotional Instability on my set. Would you like it on Yours? Someone who can flip at any moment?? Nope... Not if I can Help it! 

Good Strong Mental Health is Truly an Asset a Blessing. I work towards that Every Day! I'm open to the work that comes for me.. Even if it doesn't look like what I hoped or dreamt it would look like. I'm open to the process. 

What I want.. is Finite! What God has for me, for us, is Infinite! The Possibilities are Infinite! 

ARE YOU TRULY OPEN TO WHAT YOU SAY, YOU BELIEVE?  Even if it does NOT Look Like what YOU want it to Look Like? Hmmm??

I remember having this anger/frustration many years ago.. Its my YOU GOT SERVED story. Look out for it in my book! 

'Stomp the Yard was a Dream Job but not my ONLY job. I was Born for More.. Much More!! I'm evolving! I continue to Grow. Not because I have everything I ever wanted.. Because I Do Not! Thankfully.

Acting should be your Passion! Not just portraying One character or Role. Something you Love. Something you work towards. Something you THIRST for. Whether it be Shakespeare in the Park, School Plays, Short Films, Indies, Studio Features, Television, Conservatory, Broadway, Off Broadway.. etc. 

Look at all the Wonderful Women Angela Bassett has portrayed:
Tina Turner
Rosa Parks
Katherine Jackson
Corretta Scott King
Dr. Betty Shabazz
A First Lady of the Church
A Mother 
A Wife

Denzel Washington has portrayed:
Malcolm X
Rubin Hurricane Carter
Frank Lucas
Melvin B. Tolson
An Angel sent by God (Preachers Wife) 
Steven Biko (Cry Freedom)
A Private in the Army (Twice) 
Lieutenant in the Navy (Twice)
A Trumpet Player

You Job is to Breathe Life and for some of you.. it may evolve into Writing, Creating & Telling Stories.

Imani Hakim was not just Born to play Gabby Douglas. She was Great in it at the time. I'm sure there is more for her.

Jamaal Woolard was not just Born to play Christopher "Biggie" Wallace. He was Great in it at the time. I'm sure there is more for him. And So on and So On.

You may be looking to this industry.. For Validation?? For FAME?  For Acknowledgement? For Love? For "I Told You So"? For Money? To Buy Your Mama a House? To Buy Yourself a House? 

If you are not getting what you want. Maybe you need to Shift your perspective. 

Wow!! What a Shot you have. To Inspire, To Learn, To Grow. It is an Evolution.. In time we all evolve. Prayerfully towards the Good! Take your time..Work towards inner happiness. Read and Learn about this Business. Enjoy the Steps because they inform the next Step. This is what I have gleaned. 

Continuing to Shift My Perspective.

Be Well.. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually... BE WELL!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New to Me or New to You???

Now this is the Question or Comment that I Receive and Hear Alot!!

Why aren't ANY New Actors in Films or on TV Shows?? Translation..When is someone gonna give me a shot?  My answer  to the Question is a Question..(sorry)... New Actors?? Hmmm New to Me or New To You??  Now, do you mean..In Lead Roles in a Film?? or Television?? Hot Film or Number 1 Hit Movie? What do you mean by New?

Questions truly is: Are you Paying Attention??  When, are you paying Attention and what is it that you truly mean and want. Write me in the Comments Section.

Did you pay attention to Columbus Short on E.R.?

Did you pay attention to Sufe Bradshaw on Southland?

Did you pay attention to Aisha Hinds in Medium?

Did you pay Attention to Aldis Hodge on Judging Amy?

I'm sure their Parents and Family Members were paying attention....Crowded around the television to catch a glimpse of their loved one...In their Gift. Having Parties, eating, talking and Everything!

Where does this Question Stem From??

An Actors Career is just that.. A Career. It may start as a child or as a One Liner in a Feature Film or TV Show.

Yes, there are the Lupita Nyongos' who auditioned, work on a Great Project then WON an Oscar. AWESOME!! But that is not Everyones Life. Most are Studying! Auditioning. Working on Soaps! Doing Commercials!

Nate Parker was in the TIDE Commercial. Cocoa Brown is in a Progressive Commercial. Tyrone Brown is in an Ikea Commercial. Robert Ri'chard in a Kia Commercial, Wayne Wilderson is in EVERYTHING

Does that Mean..I'm a Great Actor and I wanna be a Lead??  When is My Shot?? Ooohh I digress.

Okay lets get to the real conversation. Somebody tell me something. There are NEW ACTORS EVERYWHERE. Check for the Cop in the Scene. The Waitress. The Teacher. The Cashier. The Brother who is the Teachers Assistant (Arjay Smith on Perception). So basically, what Im saying is... Enjoy this Journey!! Try to Work Smarter, NOT Harder. Be strategic with your career. Pray for Discernment!

You Time is Now!! Every opportunity is an Opportunity to Learn! Grow! Its So Awesome!!

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying. ”

― Friedrich Nietzsche



The following email came from an Intern in my Office:

Hello Ms. Twinkie,
The opportunity to workout of your office this week went above and beyond all expectations I could have--truly on every level. It was such pleasure to listen and take in your wisdom and support the work of my fellow actors. I know every young actor in town would kill to sit where I sat this week and reap the benefits of being on the inside. I can't wait to see what happens next:)
Thanks and see you on Monday!

My parents taught us at a young age to GIVE! Have a "Giving Spirit"..they said. When you receive. Well, this actress came with the Giving Spirit. The more I work in this industry, the more I learn about people who set themselves apart and how they do it. Those who do Internships. Who are Readers.

When I received this letter.. It made me smile! She is giving and receiving. When I speak of getting coffee and emptying the Garbage..It is a REAL thing for me.

What do you think of Giving? How are you being of Service? Just a Question...