Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jeanese Goes To College!

What a Day we had!!

Firstly, How are you guys?? I hope and pray that all is well.  

Guess what I have been up to?? Working with HerShe of course and spending time with my Mentee, Jeanese!! 

Jeanese and I went to College!! 

Well ..... I mean we visited a College Campus together and it was Fabulous!!

Jeanese wants to be a Nurse (Obstetric Nurse to be exact) and has been doing her Research on how to accomplish her goals. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am BIG on Jeanese researched and got her list down to 3 Schools.  We visited one of them.. San Diego State University!!!

I had to get up very early in the morning to go on that trek!! 2 1/2 hours to get from Los Angeles to SD!! It was worth it. We had a 10 am appointment and a 1pm appointment (just in case). I said "Lets shoot for the 10am appt. Jeanese says "Why not go to the 1pm appt. My Father always says "The Early Bird Gets The Worm" so I told Jeanese this. I said "Regular people go at 1pm, Fabulous people go at 10 and WE ARE FABULOUS!!! So...we went at 10. Besides you never know who you might meet and what might happen..... YAYY!!! ROAD TRIP!!

I picked Jeanese up at 7:10am and off we went!! Jeanese slept most of the way and I drove with loud music on the Radio! Thankfully, we drove in the HOV lane and missed all the traffic!! Whew!! We got there with 20 minutes to spare!! Yayy!!  We walked onto Campus and Jeanese was in AWE from the get go!!  There is a Gorgeous Bridge that all the students have to walk across to get to Campus from the Dorms and Parking Lots.. 

We followed the Map and walked into the Student Services Building and checked in. We were Early!!

We met Matthew (Admissions Rep.) and Courtney (Nursing/Psych Student) and watched a PowerPoint Presentation on San Diego State University. We sat in the Front (VERY IMPORTANT), asked good Questions and then got a Informative Tour of the Campus!! We had one guide for each of of us, since the group was so small (Early Birds) and that was wonderful. Jeanese got some much needed Personal attention!! (FABULOUS). 
Matthew & Courtney

As our guide was answering questions (On Saturday Sept. 11, 2010) there was a beautiful and touching commemoration happening with the ROTC of the Campus (ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES, COAST GUARD). 

Then we learned about the films that were shot on Campus.. Bring it On to be Exact.  We were taken to the Hallway and Jeanese said "This is It"!! This is the Hallway from the Movie.

The "Bring It On" Hallway
As we are touring the Beautiful and large campus.. I noticed that there were alot of Colors on Campus. Greek colors and line names and tee shirts were everywhere. Bright colored shoes, boots and Canes.. I felt something was up.. "Is There a Step Show coming.. I feel a Step show coming on.. I said to Jeanese". She said "How do you know"??  "Just look around" I said?? Well, we asked around and sure enough.. A Step Show is about to Ensue!!  Next thing I know we hear...06, you know!! Its the Alphas!! 

I asked Jeanese, "Have you ever seen a Step Show"?  She said "in Stomp The Yard" (how funny and honest) I said, "I mean Live??" Jeanese said "No".  "Well you are now"!! I said.  She was in AWE!!  (I'm glad that we got there Early. The Step show was a 1:30 and we would have missed it, had we gotten there for the 1pm tour!!)

Jeanese watched as I explained to her, each different Sorority and Fraternity, their colors, years they were Incorporated and everything!! "How do you know soo much" she asked.  I said.. I went to a Black College, you can't help but know!! Hilarious..the things you retain..
Sigmas Step

It doesn't Hurt that my Producers on STY are Alphas, Choreographer is a Kappa and Choreographers Asst is a Delta! Yikes!! Im surrounded!

Jeanese and I ate Lunch on Campus (Her choice) and we talked most of the way home. She loved the Trip, Im glad that I could do it and Im now ready for our Next Road Trip!! Next Up...SAN JOSE STATE!! 

The Girls On Campus!
Note to my HerShe Mentor Sisters: Go For it!! Make it Happen!! They are watching us. Be Uncomfortable!! We grow when we are uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable and it was Exhilarating !!  I didn't know the Campus. I didn't know where to go or what to do. However, we Learned together!! 

Let's take our girls to Campuses (if we can) and get them excited about Learning and Growing!! Thank you Most High for this opportunity to touch the life of another Human Being and for being touched by this Jeanese Human Being!! Thank you Kenadie & HerShe for supporting the Mentors!!



act4yew said...

Twink, you're AWESOME in so many ways! Your spirit is vibrant, magnetic, and electrifying. Keep on doing what you do and keep on doing " good"!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, we are glad you enjoyed our campus!