Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New to Me or New to You???

Now this is the Question or Comment that I receive and hear a ton!

Why aren't ANY New Actors in Films or on TV Shows?? Translation..When is someone gonna give me a shot?  My answer  to the Question is a Question..(sorry)... New Actors?? Hmmm New to Me or New To You??  Now, do you mean..In Lead Roles in a Film?? or Television?? Hot Film or Number 1 Hit Movie? What do you mean by New?

Questions truly is: Are you Paying Attention??  When, are you paying attention and what is it that you truly mean and want. Write me in the Comments Section.

Did you pay attention to Columbus Short on E.R.?

Did you pay attention to Sufe Bradshaw on Southland?

Did you pay attention to Aisha Hinds in Medium?

Did you pay Attention to Aldis Hodge on Judging Amy?

I'm sure their Parents and Family Members were paying attention....Crowded around the television to catch a glimpse of their loved one...In their Gift. Having Parties, eating, talking and Everything!

Where does this Question Stem From??

An Actors Career is just that.. A Career. It may start as a child or as a One Liner in a Feature Film or TV Show.

Yes, there are the Lupita Nyongos' who auditioned, worked on a Great Project then WON an Oscar. AWESOME!! But that is not Everyones Life!!

Most are Studying. Auditioning. Working on Soaps. Doing Commercials.

Nate Parker was in the TIDE Commercial. Cocoa Brown is in a Progressive Commercial. Tyrone Brown is in an Ikea Commercial. Robert Ri'chard in a Kia Commercial. Wayne Wilderson is in EVERYTHING

Does that Mean..I'm a Great Actor and I wanna be a Lead??  When is My Shot?? Ooohh, I digress.

Okay lets get to the real conversation. Somebody tell me something. There are NEW ACTORS EVERYWHERE. Check for the Cop in the Scene. The Waitress. The Teacher. The Cashier. The Brother who is the Teachers Assistant (Arjay Smith on Perception). So basically, what Im saying is... Enjoy this Journey!! Try to Work Smarter, NOT Harder. Be strategic with your career. Pray for Discernment!

Your Time is Now!! Every opportunity is an Opportunity to Learn! Grow! Its So Awesome!!

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying. ”

― Friedrich Nietzsche



Tan Hun said...

Well put...pay attention to the "new" faces people...

Kike Ayodeji said...

My question is how does one get an opportunity to get these minor roles. Especially for areas not heavily loaded with opportunities like Maryland.

Thank you

grace and gratitude said...

as an aspiring actress, i do realize the importance of paying your dues.
even denzel washington started out playing "alley mugger #1".
all in due time.


KJ said...

To the lady above you move, go to castings out of town,submit online submissions, get an agent that still shop you. You act in short films you find. Visit colleges and audition for student films.

Tracy Twinkie Byrd said...

How does one get an Opportunity?? Move to a Larger Market. That is a Real answer to a Real Question. Its scary but if its your passion..It Can be Done!

massaquoi tarnue said...


Khiry Williams said...

Advice at it's finest. I'm always looking for great advice from casting directors. I can tell that you are unique. Thank You Ms. Byrd.

Lamar Richardson said...

YES, Twinkie. Thanks for the perspective check. This journey isn't about an instant shot at fame, it's about committing to my craft as an actor. I love your authentic bluntness.

Michelle Weatherspoon said...

You are so right on. I always pay attention to movies, commericals and such. Especially if you are into movies like my family, you notice, "hey wasnt that such and such from this movie?" Thanks for your insight.. Amazing words of encouragment.