Monday, October 15, 2012


In my Travels, doing workshops around the country, I have met many Wonderful Actors and heard many Wonderful Stories!  Thank you Guys!! You Are AWESOME!! Your Tenacity, keeps me encouraged. 

One of the Questions/Statements that I've heard the Most is: Why don't "THEY" give a New Person a Chance?? How come there is No New Actors in Feature Films?  I'm ready for my Shot!! I'm Ready Ms. Twinkie!! I'm Ready for My LEAD Role!! 

Okay.. here we go!

I met a young lady at a Workshop in New York, her feeling was that she was ready for a Lead Role in a Musical like "SPARKLE" because she can sing. 

I received an e-mail from a Young Man who thinks, he should have an Agent/Manager and auditioning currently for Film & Television roles because he has been in Class for 2 whole years. Yikes!!

Another email query of  "Is it too late for me to be an Actress because I'm 21 and just getting started?" Uhmm Too Late for....???? o_O (Blank Stare)

I continue to meet those who are Ready for Everything..RIGHT NOW!! Ugghhh

Ready for their Scene with Will Smith..Ready to be the Next Denzel.. Ready to Be the Next Halle Berry..Ready to be the Next SUPERSTAR!!  NOTED!! 

You have every right to Think how you Think and Feel what you Feel...however..We have all heard the Saying.. "This is a Marathon and Not a Sprint".. Right??

But what does that Mean? 

When I began my career, I had No End Game.  I didn't know who I wanted to be or whose career I wanted..I just wanted to work! My goal was to continue to work. My Brother (Director Jeff Byrd) would always tell me "You are only as good as your last job" so my goal was to be Great on each and every Job!! I worked hard and continue to work hard to be READY for the Next Job and the Next Job. I started out Casting Music Videos.. Feature Films came 11 years Later!! Still working hard at it.. TV took more time.. Its been 22 years!!
Are you READY?? 

Think about Building!! Think About the Lessons that come from Building. Remember what is was like to Ride a Bike for the first Time... without Training Wheels..(I got you smiling right???)  Think about how Awesome it felt when you got your drivers license! 

When you made the School, Basketball/Football/Track Team or Cheerleader Squad, Dance Team, Band. What about when you got that Award for Science, Math, Spelling, Attendance. It Felt Good Right?! RIGHT??!! (More Smiling!!??)


Now Remember, what do you did for said Accomplishment.. 
You put in some Late Nights, some Sweat, some Studying, some Hard Work.  You Prepared, Practiced and Prayed! Right?? Well that is what needs to happen Now!! Stop Rushing.. There is NO End Game!! What do you mean...Am I too Late??

Extra Work can be a Valuable Classroom!! 
Student Thesis Films are Awesome!
Supporting roles are Very Important! 
Lead Actors can't work Alone. They must have Mothers, Fathers, Co-Workers and so on..

Think...Research... Prepare and PRAY!!  A friend of mine gave me a Great saying...

This is SHOW Business... If you wanna SHOW yourself then get down to BUSINESS!!

More to come in my Book "Truth in Performance" ...stay tuned.......Peace!! Muwahh


Anonymous said...

You truly are an inspiration and your words of wisdom always keep me going.I appreciate your blog posts and look forward to your book......

Kerry said...

LOVED this post. Thanks so much for your honesty and knowledge Twinkie.

Saudia Rashed said...

Great reminder to follow the work, stay passionate & keep your nose to the grindstone! Thanks!

Darrayl Miles said...

Great advice and wisdom. Thank you.

Chemi Che-Mponda said...

As a person of color trying to make it in the industry, I'd just like to say that it has been a treat to read your blog.

Roger said...

It is the chance to get the teacher like U, who teach everything what they got from their experienced. The most of the actors don't want to share with their students to become a great actor who will be his/her competitor.

Brandi Dyer said...

What an inspirational post! Thank you for sharing your insight and the all important "keep at it" attitude you present is truly encouraging. Hope you'll be doing another workshop in New York soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Twinkie,
I see you and I hear you. To God be the Glory. I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement . You do not have to do this but you do.
This is uplifting to so many. Life is about the dash and baby I see an AMMMAAAZZIZIINNNGGG Dash down the road .Legacy , an making a difference .so awesome