Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pilot Season "Booking the Gig" Drama

Well its that time.

We are talking about Booking The Gig, Pilot Season. Is that what its all about??? Hell Yeah!! thats what its all about. Everyone wants to book the gig!! Even me!! I just had a meeting and I wanted that Show more than anything!! I did research... Learned everything about everyone who is a part of the show..googled, prepared, watched....I was ready!! I had a GREAT meeting. I was on fire!! Answered questions, made comments, asked questions and everything.. Did I get the Show??????

NOPE..they went with another choice...Yikes!!!!!!!

Was I bummed??? A little..then I thought about what I tell you guys (my favorite actors) all the time..Every audition is NOT an opportunity to book the gig, its an opportunity to build a relationship!!! I just built three (3) new relationships!! I have to look at it that way because it is the only healthy way to be!! Its True. I am Excited!!! I will continue to cultivate them and I look forward to this.

During this time of Pilots, Series Regulars, Guest Stars, Co-Stars,Up Fronts and Possible Cancellations, we have to try to remember to Be Positive and Stay Up!! Your time is coming!! Be Ready and Be Open!! You may have just built the relationship that will last you a lifetime!!

I have to remember who is watching me. My Mentee, My Child..Erika (The HerShe Group) has been my mentee since September. I know she is watching how I handle situations because I am an example to her. I have to walk the walk and talk the talk. I talk to Erika about staying focused, working hard towards your goal and being positive!! (more about Erika later) We must do the same!!

Rest sometimes, okay cry if you need to, then...Call you family and/or close friends for a Love Up Session (that is when they Love on you, tell you how Fabulous you are, remind you of what you have accomplished, pray for you..everything) then Go to the Gym or Hit the Hill and put on your ROCKY music...feeling strong now.. And come Out Fighting!!

Only the Strong Survive You can Do it!! This is Pilot Season and the Ending of the 1st quarter!! Look back on what you've accomplished and Thank for Most High for each and every 24 hours!! You are making it..One Day at a Time!! Only Read Positive Books!! Only listen to positive motivating music.

When someone around you is complaining and pointing fingers ... walk away!! Excuse yourself. Politely say, your sorry that happened and "Exit, Stage Left" They usually are trying to drag you into a Pity Party..No Way!!

You can only do you and be you! and YOU is Good Enough!!

Know that I am Proud of You All!! And I am Proud of Me!!

Love Twinkie Byrd (Your Biggest Fan)

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Anonymous said...

Twinkie you are truly amazing! An inspiration in so many ways!! Relationships are what it's about. Each opportunity we get to meet people in our field is a blessing. We are doing what we love so we've already succeed!!!

~ rick

Tracy said...

I won't bore you with the details, but let me say that your blog was just sent to me on angels wings. I'm not kidding. The timing of what you wrote and when you sent is simply astounding. Heaven sent, I believe. Thank you so much for your words, your timing and for sharing. Thanks for your perspective and passion. You never know who you will touch when you reach out. You really touched me. Still can't believe the timing! I'm smiling again.

Congratulations on your 3 new relationships. That's awesome!!!

All the best,

Karen said...


Thanks for the link to your blog! I love it. Your spirit comes through and your words and good energy are a lift I needed today. Bless you.

We met at Julie Abrams Christmas party in 07. It took me a minute to understand why I would get your email but as soon as I saw your pretty smile I remembered laughing with you at the party and giving you my card and hoping we would stay in touch.

Anyway, glad I am on your list.



Anonymous said...


-- Oh my God --



Just checkin in on your whole entire Style is wassup;
-- that's what I'M talkin 'bout..!

You are SO positive... SO real -- you know, and I just have to say -- YOU Are SUCH A LIGHT.

Of course, this you know. And God bless You, in His Most Highest... as He quite clearly already has...

Shine on, Girl...

Keith said...

Live and grow. A true reminder on how we should approach each aspect of our lives. Those three relationships may indeed prove to be a light in a dark hour one day. Only God knows and I pray the sun always shines on you.

My own experience has shown that when we plant good seeds (relationships in this instance) they spring up and blossom in due season. Thank you for reaffirming that simple wisdom.

Benita said...

Twinkie, I love your blog! It's insightful and encouraging. I definitely needed this one! Please continue to touch us with your words of wisdom!


Cristian So Sweet said...

I love this post! I just told myself the same things in slightly different words! This is just confirmation for me that I am on the right path! As old as this blog is, I'm just now discovering it today... this post hit home. GOD is so real!!!